Dr. Ron Paul’s Platform As I See It

Dr. Ron Paul’s platform in my opinion.

Dr. Ron Paul, OB/GYN, will not throw anyone out into the street. He will phase out medicare and social security. If you want to stay on social security and medicare he will allow you to do so. The young people will be expected to opt out and no longer pay social security tax or pay for medicare. The federal, not state, food stamp programs will be modified to encourage those on the program to get off. No more incentives to stay on them. He would phase them out. He will not implement ObamaCare, but if you wanted to move to Massachusetts and sign up for RomneyCare, Dr. Paul wouldn’t stop you. If RomneyCare went bankrupt, he wouldn’t bail it out. The states can make laws and compete for population.

Dr. Ron Paul would defend the boarders of the USA. If attacked, Ron Paul would ask congress for authorization to blow the offending nation to bits and pieces.

Dr. Ron Paul believes it’s in Iraq’s best interest to get the oil out of the ground and ship it to the USA as fast as they can. The US does not need to “take” any resource. It is in China’s best interest to ship products to the USA for sale, the US doesn’t need to send it’s military to China for baby strollers or any other product. If BP or Exxon want to defend their interests, they can hire their own men. Train them however they want. Arm them however they want and send them to where ever BP or Exxon wants. The US military will not be the security force of BP or Exxon or Wall Street bankers under a Ron Paul presidency. The US military is not the policeman of the world. At present it is the enforcement arm of BP and Wall Street.

The threat of bankruptcy and liquidation of assets to rivals or new investors is the best regulation on business and investment banks. There will be no bailouts during Ron Paul’s presidency.

Government debt must end. The two parties at present don’t see the gravity of the situation. Ben Bernanke is printing the dollar into oblivion. With the help of congress he will attempt to ending the Federal Reserve and the IRS. Ron Paul would institute a fairer tax system that encouraged the poor to work harder and the rich to create more jobs. Ron Paul will allow the citizens to use whatever currency they want. Gold, Silver, paper, Copper, maybe alcohol. Labor is scarce. The minimum wage law creates unemployment.

Ron Paul would attempt to repeal many federal crimes and leave it to states to prosecute murders and crimes. If Texas wants to outlaw drugs, fine. If California wants to allow drugs, fine. Ron Paul’s federal position will be to get out of the states way.

Ron Paul is 100% against abortion, but I suspect he’d allow California to have some abortions and allow Florida to ban them. Abortions will always be regulated by the states and 100% pro-abortionist will not get their way.

I think these are Ron Paul’s positions in a nutshell. Please research his actual positions yourself. I could be wrong.

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