Sam and John Are Unemployed

John: “Hey Sam. Did you hear about that new company opening up in town?”
Sam: “Yeah. It’s the talk of the town. They’re planning on hiring quite a few people.”
John: “I’m going to apply. We haven’t had good jobs since 2008 and this town hasn’t had a good company in years.”

Next week…

John: “Hey I applied for a position at the new company. My interview is next week.”
Sam: “Awesome!!”
John: “They told me on the phone they are looking to hire as many locals as possible. You should apply too.”
Sam: “I will. My last interview didn’t go well you know.”

The night before the interview…

Sam: “Hey, you look down. Cheer up. You have a great job interview tomorrow.”
John: “No, I don’t.”
Sam: “Why?”
John: “Well, I was passing their offices and saw some movers taking out the chairs. I asked what was up and they directed me to a man who was directing the movers. He said they weren’t going to open.”
Sam: “Why?”
John: “Well, that was my question. The manager explained a few reasons. The first reason had something to do with new taxes the few investors had to pay. They couldn’t find new investors to make up the difference the new taxes caused.”
Sam: “That sucks.”
John: “The second reason he gave was the gov regulators arrived and required very expensive changes to meet some lame out of date standard the government set 20+ years ago. That’s not all. There’s a new regulation that goes into effect next month the company didn’t feel was necessary and it too was expensive.”
Sam: “That blows.”
John: “It gets worse. Remember that CarbonTax and ObamaCare we both felt were needed.”
Sam: “Yeah, those are great.”
John: “To cover the their cost, the manager told me the innovative product would be too expensive for their target market.”
Sam: “but..”
John: “The manager told me he was flying to India tomorrow morning to set up the company there.”
Sam: “Why India? Isn’t it communist?”
John: “He said the government just issued them a license to manufacture the product there and they didn’t need to worry about all the stupid regulations.”

Sam and John are thinking of moving to Asia.

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