Redistributing Wealth! It’s Only Fair!

We all know some people are over achievers. They make too much money. Others are just lucky and born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

We also know the unlucky. Being born into poverty is no fault of their own. Then there are the lazy. They don’t want to work hard or they assume the contemplation they do is hard work.

In these cases, it’s just and righteous to tax the wealthy and give to the less fortunate. We’ll ignore for the time being where most tax money is spent.

There is some sort of fundamental “rightness” about various tax brackets.

Because of the rightness of redistribution, we should implement redistribution in schools. Yes, schools. I’m not suggesting students from low scoring schools should be sent to schools with more successful students. Moving students doesn’t follow the redistribution example. We can’t take a homeless man and put him into CEO or put a man out onto the street, so we shouldn’t move students around either.

We tax the wealthy and give to the less fortunate. We can do the same in schools. Tax GPA and give it to less fortunate students with low GPA. It follows the redistribution policy wonderfully. It could be implemented on midterm and final tests. If you score an over achieving 98% on your test some points can be taxed off for students who scored far less.


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