The government is the problem, not the solution!

It really doesn’t matter what the issues are. The key point is the solution.

The GOP establishment and the liberals all agree, state power is the solution to every ill America has, even though policies of the state apparatus many times is the cause of the problem in the first place. It has taken Washington D.C. just about 200 years to be as oppressive and powerful as King George was. Technically, it took far less. Lincoln was a terrible President; arresting journalist like what we’re seeing in the middle east.

Since the late 1800s, the state has crept into every crevice of our lives. Each generation born relied just that much more on state intervention.

What is the proper role of government? Do we really need busy-body legislatures trying to fix every little thing? Absolutely not. Texas is an interesting example. The Texas House and Senate meet once every two years for 140 or so days. That’s it. In an emergency, the Texas governor can handle it or call for a special session of the legislature.

State power is taken from the people. You’re either for government intervention or you’re not. This was the same battle between Pluto and Aristotle. Pluto believed in the state. His students when on to be dictators of cities. Aristotle was the opposite for the most part. He advocated a sort of freedom.

America is heading towards a dictatorship. All republics or democracies become dictatorships. Don’t believe me? Hitler is a good example. He didn’t come to power by “force” as you might expect. He used scare tactics and the like as politicians are using today to consolidate power into the hands of a few.

The problems America faces today aren’t much different than problems faced since the dawn of time. The state just isn’t required to do much of anything to be honest.

Looking at the solutions, you’ll see there isn’t really a disagreement between the GOP and DNC. They both support the growth of big government in various aspects of human existence.

Why give a few coins to the begger on the street? Won’t the government will help them. This is how government has gotten out of hand.

Society has the resources, talents, and knowledge to solve problems. Government needs to get out of the way. Could various “problems” be solved better without government?

How much government do you really need in your life?

If the US doesn’t raise the debt ceiling, or government is shut down, will the world collapse? Surely not. Do to our over dependence on the over printed dollar, a government shut down won’t be painless, but it won’t be the disaster the liberals want you to think it would be.

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