Republicans In Name Only (RINO)

There are only two real ideologies.

Globalist are people who think they can run your life for you nationally and run the world globally. These sorts approve of the US dominated IMF or US dominated WTO or the US dominated World Bank or any number of other US dominated assortment of alphabet soup.

Obviously, the opposite of globalist is someone who takes responsibility for their own lives and doesn’t feel the need for government intrusion.

When you look closely at the policies of administrations in Washington D.C. it doesn’t really matter if our president is DNC or GOP if they continue globalist strategies.

A RINO (Republican in name only) is really a globalist liberal. He or she believes they can micromanage your life. Bush I was a GOP globalist liberal RINO. Clinton was a DNC globalist liberal. Bush II was a GOP globalist liberal RINO. Obama is a DNC globalist liberal.

Maybe these presidents were forced to be globalist. They might have had the death of JFK explained to them on day one of their presidency and was a good puppet from then on.

Except for Dr. Rand Paul and Dr. Ron Paul, who seem to be willing to die for their libertarian views, no one else is challenging the status quo globalist agenda on Capital Hill in D.C.

The globalist want a police state worse than Hilter’s Germany.

I personally can’t understand Christians voting for RINOs or liberals. Protestants have lost their way I guess. In Biblical Israel God set up a libertarian economy based on property rights. The Protestants of America have allowed the government to run wild and unchecked.


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