America is too far gone.

A recent speech on the US House floor entitled “The Last Nail..” detailed how America is over; well at least the republic.

There’s no going back. Even a Ron Paul presidency wouldn’t fix every wrong.

Option 1:
Texas recently wanted to outlaw TSA searches at Texas airports without probably cause. The Feds came in to Austin and said, pass this and we shut down all commercial air travel in Texas.

The Texas Senate backed down. The Feds know exactly what every state is doing. A very good option would have almost all the States rebel at once. I don’t advocate leaving the Union. I advocate the states banding together to march troops on the White House if needed. Then set up another government!

Option 2:
A military coup to restore sanity.

Option 3: The most likely
The US citizens rebel in large enough numbers to reverse direction. This will get bloody.

Choose your poison.


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