Dr. Ron Paul Explained (some more)

Unlike the other candidates, Ron Paul has made numerous predictions. He predicted the Housing Bubble on the day the vote was taken to “empower” Fanny May and Freddie Mac, if I’m not mistaken. There are three schools of economic thought. Ron Paul is arguing for the Austrian School of Economics based in Alabama. I’ve had conservatives on twitter tell me Ron Paul should not be president because Austria has nothing to do with America. How foolish!

Austrian School Economist know Keynesian Economic Central Planning and regulations have destroyed America’s jobs and currency. Everything Ron Paul predicted has come true.

Ron Paul is a hard lined old school conservative. He has concrete evidence, philosophy, and accurate predictions to back up his claims that the Constitution, freedom, and hardcore property rights create jobs. Freedom brought hard working America prosperity and riches, not government handouts. Regulations forced jobs abroad. Currency problems(Federal Reserve failures) forced jobs abroad. It’s time to right the sinking ship. Businesses create jobs. Government doesn’t. All government workers must be paid by taking money from productive members of society like consumers and the employed. Government doesn’t produce wealth. It eats it.

Second Amendment:
The best way to subsidize criminals is to take guns away from potential victims. Statistics show violent crime in decline as more guns are bought by Americans.

Social Issues:
Ron Paul is a Constitutional states right guy. As such he’s extremely liberal. Let the states handle whatever the state wants to handle. If California wants drugs legal, President Paul wouldn’t care. It’s not a federal issue. If Texas bans abortions, that’s fine, it’s not a federal issue and you might expect it from a red state.

Note: I voted for Gore in 2000. I thought government should help people. The facts just don’t back up that claim. There are thousands of ways to “help people” but government is decidedly the worst. The American Indians have been ravaged by government “care” over the last 100 years. Government “care” has killed or harmed an untold number of innocent people the world over. How many innocent harmless Iraqis have been killed by government “care”. How many middle eastern children should die by American “care”. The facts just done back up the claim. Socializing “care” means the public no longer cares because all disposable income is stolen by the IRS. Let’s look at this more in depth. The hurting poor man on the street could use some money for food. You would like to help, but the government took your extra pocket money to blow up bridges in the Middle East and piss them off. You motion to the poor fellow. “Sorry friend, I can’t help you, any money I could give you is tied up with Lockheed Martin war craft blowing up people abroad.”

Consider voting for Ron Paul in 2012!!


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