A libertarian GOP: What happens to the DNC?

Libertarians do not separate social, such as drinking or drug use, freedoms from economic freedoms.

Ron Paul is taking democrat social freedoms adding economic freedom and seriously altering the GOP for years to come. In the last four years, Ron Paul and now Rand Paul are both stripping away at the two party “lie”. It is becoming increasingly clear the difference between liberty and parental government.

Look at Rand Paul’s fight against the ludicrous Patriot Act where neither party was at all interested in backing him up. Even the gay loving democrats didn’t want to defend Rand.

With Rand Paul and Ron Paul again in the spot light defending liberty at the federal level, what does the democrats do? Aren’t the democrats for personal liberty? Like gay marriage? The Paul’s are fighting for these issues hot button issues to be decided by the states.

How is Obama’s parental government any different than Bush’s parental government? We now have Republicans In Name Only(RINOs) falling all over themselves to sound like Ron, or more correctly, Rand. Rand Paul is lighting up the political dialog.

Democrats were supposed to be for restricting business and personal freedoms. I don’t see King Obama living up to that. King Bush was supposed to be for business freedom, free markets, and moral personal restrictions. Neither “King” lived up to expectations.

Independents who don’t have “party” filter lenses on see the truth. Ron Paul dominates independent voters!! If the gop and dnc would take off their party blinders, they’d see the truth. The Paul’s speak for Americans to control their own destiny, without government screwing everything up.

God Bless America.

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5 Responses to A libertarian GOP: What happens to the DNC?

  1. squareforceone says:

    Hey – I follow you on Twitter. Anyway, I was just wondering if you were aware that the FDIC is in debt to the US Treasury… going into the debt ceiling negotiations, this could get ugly. Wrote something on it last week and it seems like the type of story that would get your attention.

    Check it out if you’ve got a minute: http://www.westernfreepress.com/metablog_single.php?p=1423

    Thanks! @squareforceone

  2. Eivind says:

    Well there is a saying that:
    “A population (Nation) gets the leaders it deserves”

    And to me it seems like many Americans have lived the way US Governments have lived.
    -Borrowing in Excess-
    (with the Bushes and Reagan being the best spenders so far, I account Obamas Bank rescue to Bush).
    And now Americans and all people in other countries will suffer.

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