Free Market Works, but anarchy maybe not so much

Competition is vital. The free market works. Economically, governments screw up everything with stupid taxes and even dumber regulations.

Looking at the current state of affairs in the US. The states should have stayed separate countries.

The constitution was a failure from day one. (Learn some history)

The states should compete, but they hardly can when D.C. is screwing up the people with taxes and really dumb regulations. If you are a liberal, move to a liberal state.

The power should be as close to the people as possible. Rhode Island, while a liberal state is a good size. Texas has a great system where Austin is only working 140 days every two years.

The fifty states should make a new pact for trade and allow a flexible movement of people to live where they want. Everything else should be left to cities. Even states should be limited. The most power should be in the home and local cities. Counties are almost useless and state governments can’t be trusted to not go nuts sometimes with taxes and regulations.

While cities operate year round, states should be limited to 100 days every few years.

Courts? What’s wrong with arbitration?

Police? I’m still working on this, but why not have insurance companies provide security for their assets? Look, police are never around when you need them, so with no police force at all, you’d just want someone to call when the time required. Call the local branch of your insurance company or a security company. Their full time armed forces would gladly provide assistance.

Main Point: States and localities need their power back and congress in D.C. should disappear.

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One Response to Free Market Works, but anarchy maybe not so much

  1. If you are interested in the subject of private police and courts, I think you would greatly enjoy “The Enterprise of Law” by Bruce Benson.

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