Government Must be Downsized

Big business has a very powerful tool to corrupt the planet. It’s called an unrestrained central government in Washington D.C. & it’s subservient military. Wall Street uses this tool to screw customers. They also have taken away American citizen’s once amazing freedom & sovereignty. The government no longer works for the people.

The populous has the power to weaken the tool. The downsizing of the Federal Government would destroy the protection Wall Street & other big business has from brutal free-market laws which benefit the consumer & cause endless stress to corporate managers.

Big Business can’t enforce cartels w/o government regulations to force each member of the cartel to follow the cartel rules. Cartels don’t last. Some member will cheat the other members of the cartel. With the SEC or other government agencies cartels can be enforced.

The regulations government creates are or become cartel membership rules. Either follow the rules or the cartel’s police force, again government agencies, attack you.

Downsize government & the people will succeed.

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